Is Weight Loss on Your New Year’s Resolution? What’s Next When You Lose the Weight?

Whether by diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, losing excess weight provides benefits to both your physical health and your self-confidence. However, with significant weight loss comes excess skin and stubborn pockets of fat that cannot be removed by diet and exercise alone.

For these unavoidable dilemmas, body contouring procedures can help eliminate the excess skin, shape your curves, and help you achieve your desired appearance, adding to your self-confidence and motivation to face the New Year.

What Body Contouring Procedures Are Available?

Whether your goal is to remove or tighten excess skin or help to repair stretched and lax muscles due to years of excessive weight, Allure Anti-Aging & Aesthetics has a variety of non-surgical procedures available. These procedures include:

  • Cellulite Reduction: Allure Anti-Aging & Aesthetics offers the most cutting-edge treatments for fighting fat and smoothing skin. Cellulite Reduction is a non-surgical procedure which means no recovery time and no painful incisions, only long lasting and beautiful results.
  • Evolve Trim: If you are fighting a losing battle against cellulite, rolls, and bulges, Allure offers their patients a powerful option for improving their physique. This treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive, but with results that rival those harsher procedures. Evolve Trim combines multiple powers aesthetic tools, including radiofrequency energy, energy pulses, and suction. Evolve Trim removes fat similar to liposuction but takes the fat removal process a step further by providing skin tightening too.
  • Evolve Muscle Stimulation: Achieving muscle growth through regular weightlifting and resistance exercise requires a slow and steady approach. Evolve Muscle Stimulation can enhance the progress you make at the gym many times over, providing the extra motivation you need to push yourself towards your fitness goals. This treatment is entirely non-invasive, which means you’ll be able to pick up your daily schedule exactly where you left off.

Added Benefits to Body Contouring

Body contouring procedures do more than just remove excess skin and repair stretched muscles. When you should be celebrating your weight loss success, the excess skin and tissue can leave you feeling more self-conscious and uncomfortable. It’s common for people who have lost a significant amount of weight to feel discomfort due to excess skin. It can make normal activities difficult, including the exercises needed to maintain weight loss. Body contouring procedures remove this skin, reduce the risk of infection, and provide you the ability to show off your weight loss success.

Partner with an Expert

Board-certified head and neck surgeon, Dr. Sarah Vakkalanka has been assisting patients in Huntington Beach and Orange County for more than ten years. She relishes seeing the joy and increased confidence of her patients. For more information about body contouring procedures, contact Allure Anti-Aging & Aesthetics today.