Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in Huntington Beach, CA

Balance is key when it comes to shaping a beautiful body. Whether you’re exploring breast enlargement as a way to achieve a more flattering hourglass figure or you wish to correct damage done by previous surgery or cancer, Dr. David Dorfman can help you achieve the aesthetic goals you desire.

At Allure Anti-Aging & Aesthetics, our team of professional, caring, and skillful members will carefully review any concerns you might have and do a complete diagnostic of your needs prior to your breast augmentation in order to fully personalize your results.

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What Is Breast Augmentation?

Augmentation mammoplasty (a.k.a. breast enlargement, breast implant surgery, boob job, etc.) is generally performed to either increase the size of the breasts or fix breast symmetry. Candidates include women who want larger breasts and those who want to restore their breast shape and volume often lost during pregnancy or significant weight loss.

With Dr. Dorfman, breasts can be enlarged with implants or by fat transplantation. Fat transplantation takes fat from a secondary location on the body through liposuction and translates it into the breast. It is important to remember that breast augmentation is not a substitute for a mastopexy, or a breast lift, which achieves a different result. However, the two procedures are often combined to add both lift and volume.

Breast Augmentation Methods: Implant Types

Dr. Dorfman also has extensive experience with all types of breast implant devices. The technology and options offered today are safe and provide an excellent, more natural result. Patients are given a choice of silicone or saline implants; however, silicone implants are more commonly recommended due to the superior technology and the best chance for the most natural look and feel. Saline breast implants have some benefits including they pose less of a risk of localized irritation if they were to leak in the future, as saline can be harmlessly absorbed by the body.

Dr. Dorfman also offers “gummy bear” implants. Extremely durable and stable, gummy bear implants represent the latest innovation in breast implant technology. These teardrop-shaped implants contain a cohesive silicone gel that will not deform after placement and will prevent leaks.  Gummy bear implants provide consistent, long-lasting results that will look and feel as natural as your own breast tissue.

After carefully reviewing your concerns and cosmetic goals, Dr. Dorfman will help provide relevant education and appropriate options to achieve the best results.

Breast Augmentation Methods: Fat Transplant

Breast augmentation with fat transplant (fat transfer) uses liposuction to harvest excess fat from other parts of the body. After going through a period of cleansing, the fat is then carefully injected into the breasts. This type of breast augmentation is not for women who are looking for a dramatic increase in their breast size but instead want to subtly enhance the size of their breasts while keeping a natural look and feel.

For the first few weeks before your augmentation with fat transfer, tissue expanders will be placed below the chest wall muscles to expand the breasts and increase the amount of fat they can hold. When the tissue has expanded enough, the fat transfer augmentation can begin. First, fat from a secondary location (such as the buttock, thighs, or hips) will be removed using liposuction.

During liposuction, a cannula (a thin, hollow tube) is inserted through a small incision, from which the fat will be removed. The harvested fat cells will then be purified, and then injected into the breast through another small incision.

Breast Augmentation Methods: Placement Techniques

Breast augmentation surgery involves the placement of implants within the breast pocket, which adds volume and shape back to the breasts. Breast implants may be placed within the breast and over the muscle (subglandular placement) or beneath the pectoral muscles (submuscular placement).

In most cases, Dr. Dorfman does prefer to place the implant beneath the muscle because there is less of a risk of capsular contraction (the hardening of scar tissue around the implant), and less interference during mammagrams. However, for some patients, subglandular placement is more appropriate. Dr. Dorfman will discuss the best option for you during your one-on-one consultation.

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What To Expect During Breast Augmentation Recovery

After breast augmentation, drainage tubes may be inserted to allow for excess fluid to drain and minimize swelling. Incisions will be stitched, taped, bandaged, and properly cared for to ensure healing with as minimal scarring as possible. A surgical bra is typically put over the bandages to minimize swelling and support the breasts while the tissue repairs. For a few days post-surgery, most patients feel tired and sore, but many are able to return to work within a week.

Stitches are removed in 1 week to 10 days, and most postoperative pain, swelling, and sensitivity diminish during the first few weeks.

After an augmentation mammoplasty with fat transfer, the recovery time is short, with normal activities being resumed as soon as the patient feels comfortable. Compression garments are also to be worn over the areas that received liposuction to minimize swelling at the incision sites.

Tips to planning your implant surgery recovery:

  • Make sure you have a comfortable area set up at home for your recovery, with pillows, blankets, and plenty of entertainment
  • Before your surgery day, wash your hair and prep meals to store in the freezer for easy access
  • Fill prescriptions ahead of time so that you have the medication you need when you need it
  • Have someone around you who can bring you food and medication and help you feel at-ease so you can get plenty of rest
  • Try not to do too much and follow your surgeon’s recommendations for after-care and easing back into your normal schedule
  • Wear your compression garments and keep all follow-up appointments so your doctor can monitor your progress

Why Choose Dr. Dorfman for Your Breast Augmentation in Huntington Beach, CA

As one of Southern California’s most highly trained and successful plastic surgeons, Dr. Dorfman has committed his professional practice to providing patients with the latest in cutting-edge treatments, expert guidance and patient education, and unmatched results. Having worked and trained with many world-renowned surgeons, Dr. Dorfman has developed his talents not only as a surgeon but as an artist who is adeptly attuned to his patient’s aesthetic goals. Patient safety is always at the top of his list, ensuring a seamless and quick recovery with no complications or as few complications as possible.

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