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What Is the Difference Between Lumecca IPL and Regular IPL?

IPL, or intense pulsed light therapy, is a resurfacing technology that effectively treats various skin conditions, ailments, and age-related issues. IPL can effectively target skin pigmentation, rosacea, veins, and acne scars. While several different IPL treatments are on the market, Lumecca is taking the aesthetic industry by storm for its advanced technology, shorter recovery periods,… Read More

I Want to Get Rid of My Stretch Marks! How Many Sessions Do I Need?

If stretch marks are hurting your confidence and preventing you from showing off a little more of your skin, it’s time to learn about ways you can remove them. No, we’re not talking about the creams and serums that promise results but don’t deliver. The most efficient way to remove stretch marks is with a… Read More

3 Reasons To Get An IPL This Season

If you grew up on the coast of California, it’s most likely that you’ve spent a lot of your time in the sun during the summer months. Soaking in the rays at the beach, hiking along the coast, or even kayaking in the bay, your skin has seen its fair share of sun. Now, years… Read More

Tips to Prepare for Your IPL Treatment

The skin is the largest bodily organ and is responsible for protecting us from multiple forms of environmental harm. Unfortunately, we aren’t always as focused on protecting our skin as we should be. The results include discoloration, scarring, wrinkles, stretch marks, and signs of aging. These skin concerns can all negatively impact our self-confidence and… Read More