Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite Reduction with Contoura at Allure Anti-Aging & Aesthetics Center in Huntington Beach, CA

Time marches forward, dimpling and stretching our skin. As time advances, however, so, too, does technology. Here, at Allure Anti-Aging & Aesthetics, we offer the most cutting-edge treatments for fighting fat and smoothing skin. Today, cellulite doesn’t have to be a given, something endured for people of a certain age.

Age-related concerns are challenging, if not impossible, for you to resolve on your own. In the past, painful and invasive surgery was your only option for treating these flaws, but today’s men and women can keep their firm bodies, with a little help from science and Allure.

Technology pioneer InMode Ltd. has created Contoura the first and only non-invasive body contouring technology that kills fat tissue while contracting the skin. Controlled suction plus radio frequency heating and short electrical charges target areas deep within the skin as well as the skin’s surface.

Allure is proud to offer, Evolve by Inmode, the latest in body contouring technology. This machine performs fat reduction, skin tightening, and muscle stimulation, all while you lay back for a relaxing and non-invasive procedure.

Clinical studies show that Evolve reduces more fat per treatment than CoolSculpting and Sculpture. The BONUS is that the Evolve also tightens skin with surprising efficacy, and for the home run: the machine can also stimulate muscles.

This page gives you an overview of our cellulite reduction procedures. If you have pressing, specific questions about your situation, feel free to call us at 714-804-5460 anytime.

Contoura’s Cellulite Reduction Treatments: BodyFX and MiniFX

BodyFX and MiniFX are among the newest innovations in non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring. As opposed to an invasive approach such as liposuction, these treatments do not disrupt your schedule or require you to plan for any downtime.

BodyFX and MiniFX rely on radiofrequency energy, combined with deep tissue heating and light vacuum suction, to deliver smoother skin and a more contoured shape. The uniquely designed applicators gently distribute heat to the targeted areas of tissue and underlying fat cells, causing the skin to contract and melt fat cells over time.

The continuous application of heat energy at a consistent temperature destroys fat cells while stimulating collagen production and minimizing the appearance of cellulite. Meanwhile, the vacuum pressure and controlled pulses of energy work together to reduce body fat and reshape your problem areas. BodyFX is for use on larger areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips, love handles, and thighs, while MiniFX is for smaller spots like the knees, arms, and neck. However, we can safely apply these revolutionary treatment solutions to any part of your body where you have cellulite and stubborn pockets of fat.

BodyFX and MiniFX Recovery and Results

Because the BodyFX and MiniFX treatments are so gentle, most patients experience no discomfort during treatment. Many of our clients report the warmth from the device is as relaxing as a deep tissue massage. After each session, you will be able to resume your typical routine right away. There may be some mild redness and inflammation, but this typically subsides in several hours. We recommend avoiding very hot water and refraining from scrubbing your treated areas for two days following a BodyFX or MiniFX session, as well as applying moisturizer to the targeted zones daily.

Though you may see and feel an improvement after only one appointment, you should expect to need a series of weekly sessions with BodyFX and MiniFX to see the best results. The effects of the treatments will reveal themselves gradually as your body systematically eliminates the treated fat cells. You should start noticing a marked improvement in the appearance of areas with cellulite or skin dimpling, as well as a loss of fat and inches in larger treated areas such as your abdominal region.

Take the Next Step

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While you may wish to return for maintenance treatments to preserve your skin’s texture and prevent cellulite from returning, you can look forward to long-term fat reduction if you stick with a practical regimen of exercise and healthy eating. Though BodyFX and MiniFX are not substitutes for a natural weight-loss program, you may discover increased motivation to maintain your improved appearance after completing your sessions and noting how much your confidence has improved.

Best Candidates for Cellulite Reduction with Contoura

Both men and women seek body contouring to help them with stubborn bulges and dimple-y cellulite. Even better, people with all skin types can use this technology to achieve the figure they desire. Invasive fat loss treatments like laser liposuction can’t be used for some patients with sensitive skin types. This population can still get their stubborn fat pockets removed with the gentler Contour Body FX and MiniFX treatments.

It’s key to keep in mind, however, that Contoura body contouring is not an appropriate treatment for those looking to lose significant weight. In fact, candidates should be close to their ideal weight before scheduling any Contoura procedures.

State-of-the-Art Cellulite Reduction at Your Convenience

If you are ready to experience the newest innovations in non-invasive anti-aging procedures, Allure Anti-Aging & Aesthetics has what you’re looking for. Our staff of highly trained and experienced registered nurses and aestheticians are committed to the highest possible standard of patient safety and comfort. We offer customized aesthetic care plans, combined with our unique synergistic approach to whole-body health.

To learn more about removing fat and cellulite with Contoura’s BodyFX and MiniFX technologies, call us at 714-804-5460 or use our easy online form to schedule your complimentary consultation. We look forward to your call or visit!