How to Protect Your Skin This Holiday Season

It’s wintertime, a time to be kind to your skin. As the seasons change, so does your skin; it starts to turn white and flaky, red patches form on your chin and cheeks, it starts itching and burning, wrinkles can become more defined, and the skin on your face feels tight.

When the temperature drops, the moisture in your skin evaporates more quickly. The cold, dry air isn’t the only problem: constant indoor heating, hot showers, frequent handwashing, poor diet, and licking your lips are all factors why your skin may feel as dry as a desert in the winter.

A new skincare routine may be on your Christmas list, but sometimes the skin needs just a bit more support to battle these winter elements properly.


At Allure Anti-Aging and Aesthetics in Huntington Beach, CA, we offer a variety of Hydrafacials with serums individually formulated for you. They can target blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged pores, brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and more. The long-term results stem from the fact that the HydraFacial aims to improve your skin’s overall health.

The HydraFacial relies on advanced, patented technology to clean, restore, hydrate, and enrich your skin. While the uniquely designed device is in use, it simultaneously removes dead skin cells and applies intensely moisturizing substances to the surface of your skin.

What’s even more beneficial during these harsh winter months is that each product involved can be customized according to your concerns and the quality of your skin.

Personalized, High-End Skin Care Plans

While you may have tried every product on the drug store shelf to alleviate the symptoms of aggravated winter skin, not all skin care products are equal. Trying to find the most effective solutions on your own can be confusing. Some companies set themselves apart with high-quality ingredients that promise healthy, youthful skin but don’t necessarily follow through on those promises.

The Skin Care bar at Allure Anti-Aging & Aesthetics was created with all skin ailments in mind. You will benefit from personalized, high-end treatment plans with science-backed solutions. Regardless of your skin condition or age, you will find superior anti-aging results with these specifically selected products that will have your friends and family begging to know your skin care secrets.

Dash Those Wrinkles Away

If wrinkles and fine lines are on your naughty list, we’ve got you covered. Allure Anti-Aging and Aesthetics offers a full portfolio of wrinkles relaxers, including Botox®. In addition to its remarkable anti-aging properties, Botox comes with no unwanted scars, incisions, or downtime. It will help your skin appear tighter and smoother within a few days of receiving treatment, with results lasting between three and four months.

Check perfect skin off of your Christmas list this holiday season by contacting Allure Anti-Aging and Aesthetics or calling (714) 804-5460 today.