Evolve: Trim vs. Muscle Stimulation, Which One Is For You?

Evolve by InMode is an innovative, cutting-edge technology that can effectively remodel the body. It addresses the needs of any body type with a series of distinct treatments delivered by a single powerful system. In brief, Evolve Trim kills fatty cells and tightens skin tissue, and Evolve Tone tones your muscles for more defined muscles.

Evolve is a patented system that delivers extreme radio frequency energy for body contouring that is entirely non-invasive, non-surgical, and created to help you target those hard-to-reach places. This multi-functioning platform uses the most advanced technologies tailored to target and improve a wide variety of specific concerns. Best of all, treatments are fast and convenient. Evolve can be done over your lunch break, requires little to no downtime, and can address multiple sites simultaneously. So, which one is right for you?

Is Evolve Trim Right for Me?

If your biggest struggle is cellulite, rolls, and bulges, Evolve Trim could be the perfect solution to help you target those troublesome areas like the abdomen, thighs, waist, hips, buttocks, love handles, arms, and even the knees. Evolve Trim combines multiple powerful aesthetic tools to create one of the most innovative and transformative treatments available today. The radiofrequency energy is used to remodel skin and tissue, and the gentle suction ensures the treatment can penetrate the skin to deliver the best results possible.

Is Evolve Tone Right for Me?

If it’s muscle definition you’re after, Evolve Tone with electric muscle stimulation can help you reach the look you’ve been working hard for at the gym. Contractions and abduction are fundamental to muscle growth, development, and definition. When you repeatedly shorten and lengthen the muscle fibers, like when you’re doing a sit-up or doing bicep curls with weights, you cause the muscles to increase both in strength and mass. However, there are physical limitations when it comes to building muscle at the gym. Evolve Trim promotes many more muscle fibers to contract more frequently than is possible with a traditional workout at your gym.

Which One Is Right for Me?

If you are at or near your goal weight, but continue to be concerned about stubborn areas of fat or areas that are resistant to muscle toning in the gym, you are likely a good candidate for one or more of the Evolve treatment options:

  • Choose Evolve Trim if you are in good shape but carry certain unwanted areas of fat (often due to genetics).
  • Choose Evolve Trim if you want the results from 1,000 squats, crunches, or bicep curls without putting in hours at the gym. You may also like to add Evolve to your routine if you find that your work at the gym isn’t paying off in the exact areas you want.
  • You can even combine these two treatments for total body transformation if you’re trying to target unwanted areas of fat and achieve more muscle tone!

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