Diolaze vs Everything Else

Laser hair removal has been used to remove unwanted hair and promote smooth, beautiful skin for years and years. If you’re tired of constantly waxing, shaving, or tweeting, you may want to consider laser hair removal, especially for stubborn hair that is thick, dark, and grows back quicker than you can remove it.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal work by applying highly concentrated light to the hair follicles, destroying the hair. Even though different types of laser hair removal work according to the same principles, not all laser hair removal methods are the same. Depending on the strength of the laser and the type of device being used, some forms of laser hair removal are more effective than others.


The gold standard in hair removal technology is known as Diolaze, which offers hair removal that is virtually painless and instant.

What Is Diolaze?

Diolaze uses diode laser beams to direct high-energy light through the skin and towards melanin (a dark skin pigment) located at the roots of hair follicles. The light emitted from the laser heats up the melanin to destroy the follicles and prevent future hair growth or significantly inhibit hair growth. After a few months, new hair follicles may form and grow to replace those that the Diolaze lasers have destroyed but at a much slower pace and much thinner. Although, future Diolaze treatments may be necessary to destroy the new hair follicles.

Diolaze vs. Other Laser Hair Removal Techniques

The three key advantages that make Diolaze superior to other forms of laser hair removal available today are:


  • Diolaze is fast. Its ability to treat large areas such as the legs, thighs, and arms can remove hair quickly. One leg can be treated in as little as ten minutes
  • Diolaze is virtually painless. Patients who undergo Diolaze treatment report little to no pain due to its Triple Cooling System. Even though Diolaze is heating up the hair follicles, its cooling mechanism prevents patients from feeling any pain or burning.
  • Diolaze is extra powerful. The treatment can burn and eliminate hair follicles to achieve permanent hair reduction, so treatments are less and less frequent.

How Can I Prepare for My Diolaze Treatment?

To ensure that your treatment is as effective as possible, you must refrain from waxing or plucking any of the treatment areas at least four to six weeks before undergoing laser hair removal. The hair follicles must be visible for the laser to destroy them. It would be best to avoid sun exposure for at least six weeks before and after treatment, as the area will be susceptible to UV light. Sun exposure can also make laser hair removal less effective and increase complications following your treatment.

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