5 Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Allure provides subtle and versatile antiaging treatment with dermal filler injections. We carry Allergan and Galderma fillers, and our range ensures you get just the right treatment to help you look your best. Have you considered cosmetic injections?

Many people first think of wrinkle injections and facial volumizing when they enter their 30s and 40s. Whether you like it or not, skin and facial muscles start to change at this time, and you might see thinning lips, flatter cheeks, hollows under the eyes, or deeper expression lines.

Dermal fillers can improve and smooth away many of these issues and they come with a ton of additional benefits. Here are our top 5 pro-filler factors to consider.

1.    Temporary

A treatment that doesn’t last forever is beneficial? Yes! While dermal filler results can be long-lasting (6-12 months on average), your body will absorb the hyaluronic acid (HA) eventually and see the filler results fade. This can be positive for first-time patients, those who want to build a change slowly over time, those who wish to “test drive” a new look, and those who wish to avoid surgery.

With repeated treatments, you may need less filler over time because your natural collagen production will be stimulated.

2.    Natural Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid is derived from substances that exist naturally in your body. This hydrophilic fluid keeps tissue hydrated and lubricated throughout your body while drawing water to itself.

When crosslinked to create a gel, HA will hold moisture and volume where we place it. Over time, the crosslinked bonds break down, and the gel is harmlessly absorbed into your body.

Hyaluronic acid promotes fresh skin cells, new collagen, and locks in moisture— all of which is naturally beneficial for you!

3.    Non-Surgical

Fillers deliver instantly noticeable results without the incisions, stitches, general anesthetic, or recovery time that come with surgery.

With invasive procedures, time off work and activity restrictions are typical, making dermal filler injections ideal for those seeking convenience.

4.    Subtle & Gradual

Dermal filler results should look and feel natural. The product is soft and responds just like real tissue when touched. Expert injectors know how to reveal beautiful transformations with minimal product, so clients never look overdone.

If you’re unsure of how much of a change you want, results can be built up slowly over time.  It’s essential for safety and the sake of subtlety that you choose a qualified medical professional for your treatment.

5.    Fast & Convenient

Injectable filler treatment is typically fast— under 30 minutes for most areas. You’ll quickly be in and out of the office, which means scheduling injections on lunch breaks or after work is usual for many patients. Most people return to their daily activities right away because there’s no downtime to worry about. Depending on the area injected, you may see mild swelling or a small amount of temporary bruising develop.

Who Is an Ideal Dermal Filler Candidate?

If you’re concerned about signs of aging around your cheeks and mouth, but you’re not yet considering a facelift, injections could be right for you. Because facial fat and collagen begin to diminish in the 30s, simply restoring some of that plump, soft volume can dial back the clock and help people appear more youthful again.

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