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Regenerative medicine is quickly becoming something of a buzzword in the medical community. Why? Because the human body is specifically equipped with tools to heal itself, and regenerative therapies tap into this powerful ability. If you’ve been struggling with acne, scarring, wrinkles, enlarges pores, or loose skin and no amount of expensive creams have been helping, there is a fantastic solution that can help you restore smoother, tighter, more youthful skin using your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Exosomes Therapy seeks to restore and rejuvenate problematic skin by sending healthy cells into the skin’s complex layering to help repair the damaged cells. Allure Anti-Aging and Aesthetics’s board certified otolaryngologist Dr. Sarah Vakkalanka is amongst the highest qualified, prestigiously trained, and wholly devoted to improving the lives of her patients through new technologies and treatments and celebrity-level anti-aging solutions.

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What Are Exosomes?

Exosomes are “extracellular vesicles” which were thought of as a way for cells to purge waste—like little containers of garbage that get thrown out of cells. However, in the last 10 years or so science has seen a huge shift in the actual function of these workers. The main discovery was that perfectly healthy cells send out exosomes to communicate with other cells.

Often confused with Stem Cells, exosomes are actually the biological messengers that are produced to transfer information between other cells. A specific bundle of information goes out of one cell and is digest by your body’s stem cell to tell them what needs to be done. In fact, exosomes provide necessary biological ingredients such as DNA, RNA, proteins, and fats so that the receiving cell knows to change in that specific way.

What is Exosomes Therapy?

Exosomes therapy is a highly targeted, flexible treatment for conditions like acne, acne scarring, wrinkles, enlarges pores, sensitive skin, dehydrated skin, and even rosacea, skin pigmentation, and alopecia. Exosomes are cells extracted from donated human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and sterilized. Exosomes are powerful elements that can restore cells throughout your body by enhancing cell-to-cell communication, which is essential for overall cell health.

At Allure Anti-Aging and Aesthetics, Dr. Vakkalanka buys the exosomes from Monarch Laser Services because all products are selected by their team and thoroughly tested to ensure they are the best products on the market.

What are the Benefits of Exosomes Therapy?

When performed by a doctor with skill, expertise, and a desire for patient satisfaction, exosome therapy can provide beautiful aesthetic results.

The most impressive benefits of exosomes therapy include:

  • Decrease in fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots after just two treatments
  • Brighter and more hydrated complexion
  • Reduction in redness like rosacea and skin irritations
  • Decrease of lesions and scarring
  • Overall improvement of skin texture including enlarges pores

Why Choose Allure Anti-Aging and Aesthetics for Your Exosomes Therapy in Huntington Beach?

Allure Anti-Aging and Aesthetics hosts a team of highly trained and skilled doctors. Partnering with Dr. Vakkalanka includes Dr. Emile Wakim, an orthopedic surgeon with a passion for regenerative medicine and finding non-surgical, biological solutions to many musculoskeletal problems. The team also includes Dr. Richland; with his impeccable training and commitment to perfection, he offers the most advanced cosmetic and reconstructive treatments to help his patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Our staff is passionate about helping our clients achieve the ideal balance of health and wellness in every aspect of their lives.

What Happens During a Exosomes Therapy?

During your exosome therapy, the treatment areas will be thoroughly cleaned and anesthetized with a topical cream. Our doctors will then inject an infusion of exomes into the areas you wish to treat. The exomes can either be your own or a donor’s exomes.

After the infusion, your body begins a self-healing process by responding to the messages received from the injection of new exomes. After treatment, you’ll notice new and old injuries start to heal, wrinkles and fine lines with smooth, normal skin pigmentation will come through, and any uneven skin textures or enlarged pores will become smooth.

Exosome therapy often pairs with microneedling (also known as the Exosome Facial), in which mini needles are used to puncture the skin and cause micro-injuries. These injuries cause the derma (the deepest layer of your skin) to produce collagen and regrow and rebuild a healthier skin layer. Microneedling can open some of the deepest layers of your skin and allow the stem cell exosomes and other growth factors to penetrate as deeply as possible.

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Who is an Ideal Candidate for Exosomes Therapy?

Anyone with sun damage, premature aging, uneven skin texture and tone, or anyone looking to revitalize lackluster skin without surgery is an ideal candidate for exosome therapy. This versatile procedure works well on patients of all ages, skin types, and skin colors. It’s always best to speak to your doctor about any medical history that might include blood problems, including clotting or bleeding.

Your Exosomes Therapy Consultation at Allure Anti-Aging and Aesthetics

When you come in for your exosome therapy consultation with one of our esteemed doctors, you’ll be met by a friendly expert whose goal is to help you reach your ideal aesthetics in the safest, most precise, and comfortable manner. Our doctors take pride in assisting patients to pursue their aesthetic goals, and they are humbled that you’ve chosen them to take part in your journey.

We will listen to and learn your concerns and goals, allow you to voice any questions or uncertainties about exosomes therapy, and give you adequate information about the procedure so that you can make informed and educated decisions on if this procedure is right for you. When you come to Allure Anti-Aging and Aesthetics, it is our goal that you feel comfortable, never pressured, and excited to boost or regain your self-confidence back.

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Huntington Beach & Orange County Exosomes Therapy FAQ

The cost of your exosome procedure will depend on several factors, including the extent of the procedure, the amount of time spent during the treatment, and many other factors. Our team will happily provide you with a detailed estimate after you consult with one of our doctors.

Once you begin to experience your full results, they will be long-lasting. Your results may last anywhere from six to eight months.

The condition of your skin and the nature of your skin concerns will impact the number of treatments needed. A series of 3-4 treatments is typically recommended, followed by annual or semi-annual touch-up treats to maintain results.